30 Best Mermaid Tails for Kids and Adults

30 Best Mermaid Tails for Kids and Adults

Learning how to swim like a mermaid is the first step to being one, but the transformation is not complete until you have your own swimmable mermaid tail! There’s nothing more magical than gliding through the water with a mermaid tail flowing behind you. It’s not just a fun hobby; it’s a sport, an art, a lifestyle, and even a career. Mermaid swimming is becoming increasingly popular. It’s not recommended for little kids to swim in tails, but there are still plenty of options for them to have a mermaid experience. As for older kids, teenagers, and adults, there are plenty of good options for a mermaid tail. Here is a guide for choosing the best mermaid tail based on your age, experience, and budget.

Best Mermaid Tails For Toddlers (0-2 years old)

What’s more adorable than seeing a baby in a little mermaid tail? It’s a precious sight and makes for a great photo opportunity. Babies are too young to fully comprehend mermaids or be able to move around in a tail. The best option for an infant up to a two-year-old would be something simple like a mermaid tail blanket. They are usually knitted or crocheted mermaid tail shaped blankets that the legs can slide into like a sleeping bag. They are loose-fitting so there is room for the legs to move. They are nice and cozy. They aren’t meant to be swam in, they just look cute and provide warmth and comfort for the baby or toddler.

new born Mermaid Tail for baby

Best Mermaid Tails For Kids (3-6 years old)

By three years old, children have vivid imaginations and love to play dress-up. The Little Mermaid is a beloved film for children, so by three they likely have some understanding of mermaids, and little kids are often smitten with them. It isn’t a good idea for a little kid to try to swim in a tail, so the best option is a mermaid tail skirt that is open at the bottom and can be worn while walking around. There are plenty of fun options for mermaid costumes, and don’t forget a seashell top! Perfect for a Halloween costume, or just for playing make-believe.

Mermaid tail skirt for kids toddlers

      Best Mermaid Tails For Kids (7-9 Years Old)

      By the age of seven, most kids know how to swim. Some may be ready to swim in a mermaid tail. Seven is our recommended minimum age for swimming in a tail, as long as they are a confident swimmer. We advise adult supervision.

      For this age group, we categorize a mermaid tail as a toy. The best kind of tail is one that is made with stretchy, lightweight, breathable material. It’s best for it to have a small fin size and be easy to get in and out of. You’ll also want a tail that is resistant to damage since kids will often stand in their tails and scrape them against the concrete of a pool.

      The best kind of monofin for this age group is a beginner monofin, that is affordable and easy to put on. They are mermaid fin-shaped and are usually made out of neoprene with little foot pockets and have a plastic insert inside for some propulsion. They aren’t the best for swimming, but they are comfortable and allow the mermaid tail to keep its fin shape.

      Best Mermaid Tails For Kids

      10 Best mermaid tails for kids 7-9 years old.

      1. Planet Mermaid Tails - manufactured in the UK, these tails are designed with bright, vibrant colors. They have their own monofin, rigid enough for good propulsion, and made to be easily removable without using hands, making It safer. You can buy a tail without a monofin if you already have one. They have a line of koi fish inspired tails and a line of rainbow tails. All their tails have a scale pattern on them as well. They sell a collection of scale print bathing suits, leggings, and scrunchies to go along with their tails. Their tails cost about $45.

      Positive Features: Inexpensive, Bright colors, Scale patterns, Realistic designs, Comfortable monofin, Machine washable, Matching top, Open bottom for walking, Sun and chlorine resistant

      Planet Mermaid Tails for kids

      2. Mermaid’s Tail UK - Partnered with Planet Mermaid, they use the same monofin and have a similar line of tails. For more diversity, they sell toddler tail skirts, tails marketed for boys designed to look like a shark tail, and accessories. They have their own designs, including fun multicolor tails with scales, and tops to go along. Their tails are about $43.

      Positive Features:  Fun and colorful, Comfortable monofin, Machine washable, Realistic designs, Inexpensive, Matching top, Open bottom for walking, Sun and chlorine resistant

      Mermaid Tail UK

      3. FinFun Mermaid - They have a huge collection of tails with a wide variety of styles and designs. You can get tails with sparkles, glow in the dark scales, a galaxy pattern, stripes, bright diamonds printed on, and many more unique elements. They have their own monofin made with neoprene and a stiff insert to keep tail fin shape and for swimming in. They even have a more realistic tail that includes side fins and ankle fins. Those cost $100 without the monofin, whereas a regular tail starts at $35 without the monofin. You can buy the fabric tail with or without the fin, and you can also get a bundle, which comes with a tail, a monofin, a matching bathing suit, and a mermaid coloring book!

      Positive FeaturesWide variety, Fun designs, Bright colors, Comfortable monofin, Matching top, Tails with extra fins, Open bottom for walking, Sun and chlorine resistant, Reinforce tips protection for scratches, based in the USA

      FinFun Mermaid tail for kids

      4. Delfina Mermaid- A little on the pricier side, but these tails won’t disappoint. They have stunning designs with bright colors and realistic patterns that look like an actual fishtail. Their print has a special effect that makes the scales look 3D. They have tails with dorsal fins, side fins, and ankle fins for an extra special mermaid look. Those particular tails are sized for anyone nine or older. A $169 set comes with a tail, a monofin, and a bathing suit, but you can also purchase matching arm cuffs. Tails for younger kids go for $99. Certain tails have water droplets printed on the fabric for a fresh-out-of-the-water illusion.

      Positive FeaturesRealistic looking, Bright colors, Option for extra fins, Designs look 3D, Comfortable, easily removable monofin, Open bottom for walking

      Delfina Mermaid tail for kids

      5. Mermaid Dreams- One of the best things about Mermaid Dreams tails is that they are customizable! There are many variations you can choose from. Their tails are made to fit with better quality monofins made by the top brand Finis. The monofin is sold separately. These tails are more expensive because they are made individually with each order. They take your measurements, so you can be assured that your tail will fit perfectly. A basic tail starts around $85 but can cost a couple hundred dollars based on add-ons you can choose from. Mermaid Dreams allows you to completely design your own tail! They have a variety of fabrics to choose from and you can add fins, sequins, accents, lines on the fluke for a realistic look, and extra fabric hanging off the fin that will flow in the water beautifully.

      Positive Features: Customizable, Sequins, extra fins, and ruffles available, Perfect fit, Many options for color and pattern, Made to fit multiple types of monofin, Shimmering fabric

      Mermaid Dreams tail

      6. Sun Tail - They make their tails with the intention of being highly functional and durable. They include a specially designed monofin meant for better functionality. Their tails come in every color of the rainbow! They’re simpler in design, but quality is guaranteed, and they even have a warranty that covers replacements if your tail rips or your monofin breaks. You can buy a Sun Tail mermaid tail for between $60 and $80. For superhero fans they even have a Wonder Woman inspired tail

      Positive Features: Colorful, Scale pattern, Durable monofin, Matching top, Free shipping, Sparkly tails available, Protective tail tip cover

      Sun tail mermaid

      7. 2Tails was founded by two sisters passionate about mermaids who began making tails at the age of seven. They have dozens of patterns of fabric to choose from. You could get a shiny mermaid scale or snake scale print, or a sparkly non-scale material in any bright color you choose. They have their own monofin that they designed to be lightweight and neutrally buoyant. Their tails cost about $99 with the monofin included.  

      Positive Features: Shiny fabric, Scales or no scales, Many colors to choose from, Neutrally buoyant monofin, Matching top, Comfortable

      2 tails mermaid

      8. Once Upon A Mermaid is an Etsy shop that sells shiny hologram mermaid tails. These tails are made to fit with the Sun Tails Keiki monofin. They can be bought with or without the monofin. There are many patterns to choose from and several standard options for customization. You can get your tail with a dorsal fin that goes all the way down the back of the tail, or one without. You can also choose a different color fabric for the fluke. The owner is flexible with business, accepting requests for customization. If you have a different kind of monofin that you would like a tail for, she will make one to fit it! Kid’s tails start at $50 without the monofin and include a matching top.

      Positive Features: Customization, Shiny, Dorsal fin option, Can be made to fit any monofin, Matching top, Scales, Many colors and patterns

      Once Upon A Mermaid tail

      9. FullHouseStudio is another Etsy shop. If like ruffles, you’ll love FullHouseStudio tails. They include ruffles down the back, on the fluke, and on the sides too! They flow gorgeously as you swim through the water and look great in photos. There are many options for tail design and patterns: metallic rainbow, mermaid scales, solid color, and more. Their tails are made to fit a variety of monofins, including the FINIS Aquarius, Mahina Mermaid, and Mermaid Linden monofin. Kid’s tails start at $35 without the monofin.

      Positive Features: Ruffles, Shiny, Scales, Fit multiple monofins, Colorful, Unique

      Full House Studio mermaid tail

      10. TailzMermaidGear is an Etsy shop that sells shiny, colorful mermaid tails made with hologram scale material. There are many options for colors to choose from and ruffles can be added to the top of the tail around the waist for a little extra charm! A nice feature on these tails is the zipper at the bottom. This allows you to open the tail to insert monofin, but also keep the fin hidden, rather than being open. Tails are made to fit a FINIS Aquarius or FINIS Mermaid fin and can be bought with or without the monofin. Tail prices start at $55 without monofin.

      Positive Features: Shiny, Many color options, Zipper on bottom, Free scrunchy, Scales, Option for ruffles, Bottom can be opened for walking

      Tailz Mermaid Gear

      Best Mermaid Tails For Kids (10-17 Years Old)

      For older kids and teenagers who are more advanced swimmers we recommend tails that could be categorized as sports equipment. These tails require a more specific monofin. The monofin should have individual foot pockets with an adjustable strap. You’ll want a monofin that provides the most comfort for swimming in, meaning the material is rubber and there is space between the foot pockets, so ankles will not rub together. A monofin for a more advanced mermaid should provide more speed and power and be more durable than a basic kid’s monofin. These tails are suitable for swimming in a pool, but also lakes, rivers, and the ocean. They cost $105, including the monofin.

      3 best mermaid tails for kids 10-17 years old.

      1. Aquamermaid - Here at Aquamermaid we have our own line of unique swimmable mermaid tails. We make our fabric tails with a comfortable 4-way stretch material that comes in four different colors and includes a pretty scale pattern. The fluke has vertical stripes to look like a fish’s tail fin. A faint flower is printed at the top and bottom of the tail. Sizes go from small to extra-large. Our monofin comes in a regular size and a larger size so no mermaid or merman is excluded. It has individual foot pockets and an adjustable strap.  

      Positive Features: Bright colors, Scales, Comfortable and breathable material, High-quality monofin with adjustable strap, Zipper on bottom for easy access to feet, Reinforced tail tips to prevent damage, Resistant to wear and tear

      Purple mermaid tail aquamermaid

      2. Mertailor - You can buy a tail to look like your favorite fish with Mertailor’s Guppy tails. They are made to look so realistic you’ll feel like an ocean creature!  Guppy tails are made to be worn with a Mermaid Linden monofin. They come with an elastic waistband and the bottom has a zipper for monofin removal. It also conceals the monofin while swimming or taking photos. The Mertailor Fantasea tail has even more options for bright and detailed tails and a larger fluke. They are more suitable for teens. This tail requires the Mertailor Fantasea Monofin, a silicone fin that costs between $145 and $150. A Guppy or Fantasea tail skin costs about $100.

      Positive Features: Machine washable, Realistic, Scales, Many colors, Intricate designs, Zipper on the bottom

      mertailor guppy tail for kids

      3. Mermaid Linden by Body Glove - The Linden tails by Body Glove are unique because they are a sleeve for the legs with pockets for the feet at the bottom instead of a fluke, so they can be worn with any monofin. They are meant to be worn with the Mermaid Linden monofin, which is made to look semi-realistic. You can get it in multiple colors and can mix and match your tails and monofins to change up your mermaid look! There are four different tail designs, all with mixtures of bright colors and realistic looking scales printed on. Since the monofin is not inside of the tail it can be easily removed, which makes it safer. The tail skins cost $50.

      Positive Features: Realistic scales, Bright colors, Mix and match tails and monofins, Can be worn with any monofin, Easy monofin removal, Comfortable

      Mermaid tail Linden by Body Glove

      Best Mermaid Tails For Adults

      Adults and more advanced swimmers often have more clear goals regarding fitness and mermaid presence. Mermaid influencers are vast on Instagram, gaining thousands of followers and providing top-notch mermaid content. They’ll have the highest quality of tails. These tails will be more varied in design, made of the highest quality material, and require a more advanced and sturdier monofin. Older mermaids may use their tails for snorkeling and diving, for modeling, for entertaining, or for being an attention grabber at parties.

      6 Best mermaid tails for adults.

      1. Aquamermaid - We strive for the best quality material and most comfortable and functional monofin. Along with our fabric tails, suitable for teens and adults, we sell more detailed and realistic tails for the more advanced mermaid. Our Aqua-Glitter hybrid tail is a neoprene-based tail with sequins along the body of it, resembling scales. The fluke is made out of silicone and looks like a real mermaid tail! It is available in seven colors for the sequin part, and two colors for the fluke. The pigments in the fluke are mixed into the silicone rather than airbrushed on, which means the colors can’t fade or rub off. The Aquaglitter starts at $675.     

      Positive Features: Realistic, Good monofin, Has a zipper, Elastic waistband, Colorful, Shiny

      Aquamermaid tail for adults

      2. Magic Tail- Based in Germany, Magic Tail makes enchanting tails out of recycled fishnet. They not only are all about making beautiful tails, but they strive for a healthier environment. Their pro and premium tails are made to fit the Mahina Mermaid monofin. They have a wide range of designs, all including a dorsal fin and ankle fins. They have realistic designs that are modeled after certain fish like their lionfish tail, goldfish tail, and koi tail. They all have a 3D looking pattern with scales and bright colors and shading. Their flukes have extra fabric on them that looks amazing in pictures and underwater. Prices range from $50 to $248.

      Positive Features: Realistic, Comfortable stretch material, Made with recycled material, Many designs, Colorful

      Magic tail mermaid orange

      3. Mermaid Kat Shop - The designs don’t get too wild on their fabric tails, but they deliver a great product. They designed their own monofin with quality, comfort, and function in mind. They offer a professional monofin suitable for free diving and mermaid swimming. It has individual foot pockets and an adjustable strap. Their fabric tail skins come in multiple colors with 3D printed scales. There are options for single-colored tails with some shading and tails that have multiple colors on them. They use a comfortable four-way stretch material that is chlorine and salt resistant.  There is a zipper on the side for easy removal. Their tails cost $150, including the monofin. Use the code aquamermaid05 for a 5% discount!

      Positive Features: Comfortable, Good quality monofin, Bright colors, Scales, Salt and chlorine resistant, Zipper

      Mermaid kat tail

      4. Mermaid Tail Factory - Their tails are made by artists who get their inspiration from colorful fish from around the world. They design their tails with unique scale patterns, dots,  and color combinations, making them look ultra-realistic. They were produced by the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy. Their monofins were specifically designed to perform as sports equipment. Their tails include a zipper at the bottom for easy monofin removal. Prices start at $178 and go up to $210, based on size.

      Positive Features: Machine washable, Colorful, Scales, Realistic, Zipper

      Mermaid factory

      5. Otter Bay Suits - They make a mermaid wetsuit for scuba and freediving. They offer a full-body mermaid tail made of neoprene. They are made more for function than for look. If you are an avid diver and want to add a little magic to your experience, then their tails are a good option. They come with a zipper on the back to easily get into, and velcro at the bottom for monofin placement and removal. The neoprene material will keep you warm in chilly bodies of water. They take your custom measurements to make their suits, so you can expect a perfect fit. They will also customize the fluke to fit your own monofin, or they will send you a pair of fins and shape the fluke to your liking. Their suits cost up to $900.

      Positive Features: Zipper, Comfortable, Exact fit, Fit to any monofin, For diving, Full body with long sleeves, Hood optional, Comes with swim cap and neoprene socks

      Otter Bay Suits mermaid tail

      6. Aquarius Mermaid - The founder of Swimtails Kristie Foster has returned with a new brand of tails. Their designs are unique and their colors vibrant, close to neon for certain tails. Some of their tails have an ethereal look to them, with fairytale creatures as their main inspirations. Their tail collections include names like “merdragon,” “space alien,” and “Triton’s daughters.” They have wide range of tail designs, from dragon tails, to fairy themed tails to realistic tails mimicking sharks and manta rays. Their tails fit with monofins like Mahina, Finis Shooter, and Mermaid Linden. Many of their tails include flowy fins. Prices range from $260 to $476.

      Positive Features: Vibrant colors, Large collection, Mermaid scales, Realistic designs, Fits various monofins, Zipper, Fins optional

      Aquarius Mermaid tail swimtails

      Best Mermaid Tail for Professional Mermaids

      When being a mermaid is your profession, you’ll need the best of the best for your tail! Professional mermaids should be in a tail that is bold and beautiful, with scales, bright colors, and the best quality material. Tails that are flashy and realistic and make people say “Wow!” are the kind worn by professionals. Silicone tails look amazing but are not necessary in order to be a professional. There are plenty of gorgeous and realistic tails that cost considerably less. If you are interested in silicone tails check out our guide to silicone mermaid tails! 

      5 Best fabric tails for professional mermaids:

      1. Aquamermaid Aqua Glitter- We don’t call it that for no reason. The Aqua Glitter is covered in thousands of sparkly sequins that twinkle beneath the water. They look like individual scales and nicely complement the silicone fluke. It’s a great tail to get that looks realistic and professional but won’t break the bank. You can add silicone fins to it to make it look even more like a real mermaid tail. There is a zipper on the back of it, making it easy to put on and take off. You can get your tail with fringe around the waist for an Ariel look. To make it even more magical, there is the option for an extra glossy fluke. It costs $675.

      Positive Features: Realistic, Option for extra fins, Sparkly, Silicone fluke, Zipper

      Aqua glitter mermaid tail sequins aquamermaid

      2. Finfolk Mythic - The mythic tail provides optimal iridescence, made with individually sewn on resin scales. The body of the tail has the scales on it that shimmer all the way down until the fluke, which is made of silicone. There are different variations for the fluke shape, all resembling the tail fin of real fish. You can get the mythic tail in a variety of color combinations, including silver with pastel colors and rainbow. Extra silicone fins are optional. The Finfolk Mythic costs about $2,500.

      Positive Features: Individual scales, Shiny, Bright colors, Silicone fluke, Option for extra fins, Zipper

      Finfolk Mythic mermaid tail

      3. Gripmore is a sporting good company that offers a unique line of swimmable mermaid tails. Gripmore is the first-ever brand to make their tails with a biomimetic technology. They incorporate scales that emulate the natural scales of fish and snakes for a hyper-realistic effect. Their tails are lightweight and heavy-duty. If you accidentally rub against concrete they will not scratch. They have many detailed and colorful designs for the tail skin, with several different fluke options. Hip and side fins are available as well. Their tails cost about $1,180.

      Positive Features: Scales, Realistic, Customizable, Various options for fluke shape, Option for extra fins, Colorful, Heavy-dutyGripmore mermaid tail

      4. Seamaid Design - Two words that inspire the designs for Seamaid tails are beauty and power. Their tails are elegant with gauze, and pearls, and gems, and large flowy flukes. Being a Chinese company, they incorporate oriental designs into some of their tails, adding to their loveliness. They make their tails with 3D printing technology for a sharp and realistic look. Their tails have high color saturation so they look bright and the colors will not fade. They have a large collection of designs, all unique and magnificent. Seamaid tails have realistic-looking fins, which can be on the hips, ankles, and back. They go for a loose and flowy look to their tails, which is great for underwater photography and performances. Prices start at $225 and increase based on customization.

      Positive Features: Bright colors, Sharp lines, Diverse designs, Flowy, Realistic fins, 3D looking scales

      Seamaid mermaid tail Design

      5. Mertailor Whimsy “three” tails are some of the most realistic looking fabric tails, with bright, colorful designs modeled after real types of fish. Their designs are intricate and detailed with spots, stripes, speckles, and shading. They sell tails with marbled designs, butterfly wing patterns, and snakeskin patterns, and so much more. The scales have a realistic look to them, with a unique shape and texture. The color combinations used are pleasing to the eye. Most of their tails have multiple long and flowy fins on them. The Whimsy “three” costs from $295 to $400.

      Positive Features: Bright colors, Lots of fins, Unique color combinations, Wide range of designs, Realistic scales, Modeled after fish


       Mertailor Whimsy mermaid tail

      Best Mermaid Tails Under $30

      If you’re on a tight budget, but you or your child would like to have a mermaid tail, there are some options for you. There are mermaid tails available for under $30, so you can have a magical mermaid outfit without breaking the bank.

      There are some issues with cheap tails, however. You often get what you pay for. They will not always be the best quality, and sometimes will recreate designs of another well-known tail maker, which is stealing. Another downfall is that they often don’t include a functional monofin. This is a mandatory part of a tail that is meant for swimming in.

      As mermaid tails came into popularity, Chinese manufacturers decided to take advantage of the trend. China is known to have sweatshops, where products are made by low-wage workers that are given long hours. Do some extra research for tails made in China to be sure they are a legit company and an ethical choice.  

      Regardless, here is a list of some of the best tails under $30

      • Play Tailor - These tails are suitable for a five to fifteen-year-old. They come in two different color schemes and have mermaid scales printed on them. They do not come with a monofin, but the bottom is open and there are monofins that will fit inside. They are good for playing in and taking photos with. They cost about $20.
      • Lee Little Angel - These tails are meant for ages three to twelve. They come in a multitude of fun designs with multicolored patterns like stripes and tie-dye, all with printed scales. You even get a cute matching bathing suit with each tail. They do not include a monofin, but one can always be added. Lee Little Angel tails go for $27.54
      • Lovely Mermaid tails are one of the most realistic looking mermaid tails you can get for about $30.Their tails are suitable for a three to twelve-year-old. Lovely Mermaid tails come with a monofin so they are safe for swimming. Along with the tail and monofin, you also get a matching swimsuit with the same mermaid scale pattern. Their tails come in many colorful designs and include side fins and printed front fins for a more realistic look
      • Anbaby Girl tails are the best for your buck for satisfying a mermaid fairy tale dream! They come with a whole mermaid inspired outfit including the tail, bathing suit, and a pretty flower crown. Their tails look like real mermaid tails, with a scale pattern, side fins, and a spiky shaped fluke. They run for the crazy low price of $13.65. Their tails are appropriate for ages three to twelve.

      Best Mermaid Tails for Plus Size

      Since no one should be excluded from being a mermaid based on their size, here are some mermaid tail companies that have plus-sized tails.

      • Aquamermaid - Up to size 18 (XL)
      • Finfun- Up to size 18
      • 2Tails- Up to 210 lb
      • Magic Tail- Up to size XL
      • Mertailor- Up to size XL
      • TailzMermaidGear- Up to size 18
      • Once Upon A Mermaid- Does custom and plus sizes
      • FullHouseStudio- Does custom sizing

      Aquamermaid Xlarge mermaid tail plus size

      Best Monofins for Larger Feet 

      Because one-size-fits-all doesn’t always fit all, here are some monofins that will fit mermen and those with larger feet.

      • Aquamermaid - Our monofin comes in a regular size and a large size, which fits up to a size 13 women.
      • Mahina Mermaid - Comes in three sizes, with the large fitting feet up to women’s size 11. 
      • Luna Fin by Finis - Made out of flexible rubber material and has an adjustable strap to fit a wide variety of shoe sizes, which fits up to size 10 women.

      There you have it! The best tails for mermaids of all ages and experiences. Choosing the best mermaid tail for you is important because we all have different styles, desires, and needs. Being a mermaid is fun and rewarding, so pick the right tail for you and have a blast. Happy mermaiding!

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