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Hire a Mermaid

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Experience the magic of hiring a mermaid entertainer. Watch as our skilled mermaid gracefully swims, engages with your guests, and leaves a lasting impression with their realistic mermaid tail.

LOCATION: Our services are available nationwide, extending to every corner of the USA and Canada. For locations situated further from major city centers, a travel fee may be applied. We offer performers for a variety of settings, including pools, beaches, lakes, aquariums, fountains, and even venues without water.

MERMAID PERFORMER: Our diverse selection of mermaids encompasses various ethnicities. We also have mermen available for hire! Each mermaid has her unique look and costume. 

PERFORMANCE: Our mermaid performances tailored for both kids and adults! For kids' parties, our mermaids engage in interactive games, gracefully swim, and pose for enchanting photos. Adults can elevate the ambiance of their gatherings by introducing mermaids, who bring an extra touch of magic.

POOL PARTY: Our team is mobile and will travel to the pool of your choice. We perform at private, public and/or condo pools.  If you book a room at a hotel, we can also offer the activity at the hotel pool with the management permission. *You can easily book a private pool on

LAND PARTY: Our mermaids are ready to dazzle at dry gatherings. Transform your house, beach, or chosen event space into a magical setting as our mermaids bring enchantment and entertainment wherever the celebration takes place.

KIDS POOL PARTY ACTIVITIES (adapted to suit the age range of the kids, starting from 1 year old.)

  • Aquatic Demonstrations: Witness hair flips, tail splashes, bubble rings, and bubble heart kisses, and underwater show featuring graceful mermaid moves.
  • Swim with the Mermaid: Hold hands or tails for a memorable aquatic adventure. Ride on the mermaid's back.
  • Treasure Expedition: Dive for sunken treasures in an exciting underwater treasure hunt.
  • Friendly Aquatic Competitions: Splash and giggle with races, handstands, and flips. Learn the art of swimming with feet together from our mermaid.
  • Mermaid Dance Party: Move and Groove underwater to enchanting ocean tunes. Sing along to interactive sea songs. 
  • Mermaid High-Five: Share fin-high fives with the mermaid. Clapping her tail with the kids' feet.
  • Sea Tales: Hear captivating stories of mermaid adventures.
  • Magical Photos & Mermaid Autographs
  • Underwater Games: Play like "The Shark", "Octopus Tag", "Mermaid Freeze Dance", "Dolphin Dash", "Coral Colors", "Underwater telephone", "Mermaid Limbo" and "Fish Shuffle". 


  • Ocean-themed storytelling
  • Mermaid Dance Party: Move and Groove to enchanting ocean tunes, play Limbo Fishy Freeze Dance, Musical Chair… 
  • Bubble Play with liquid bubbles and wand.
  • Magical Photos & Mermaid Autographs
  • Sing-alongs/Lip Syncing: to favorite mermaid songs. 
  • Mermaid Questions/Trivia: test your knowledge of the underwater world.
  • Hairstyling with mermaid braids and a fork like Ariel
  • Princess school: learn to walk, greet, curtsy, dance, sing and pledge.

*For an extra touch of glamour, you can enhance the enchantment by providing materials for activities such as face painting, nail polish, hair tinsel, and temporary tattoos. The mermaid will use these materials to weave a magical transformation.

WHEN SHOULD I BOOK: We recommend booking 1 month in advance. The earlier you book the better. 

HOW TO PREPARE: Read our full policies


* Mermaid tail costumes are NOT provided for the kids. If you wish to enhance the magical experience by providing your own mermaid tails, ensure that each costume includes a monofin to make them swimmable. Inform us in advance if the kids will be wearing mermaid tails. We can incorporate mermaid tail swimming lessons during our activities, or use them as enchanting photo props to capture the underwater magic.

* Inflatable seashell float/seat is NOT provided, but you can purchase one here 

We're excited about bringing some magic to your event!

Contact us: or 1-866-279-2767