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AquaMermaid Certification

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AquaMermaid Instructor Certification 

This certification provides education to teach mermaid lessons for the public pools, private swimming clubs, synchronized swimming teams and as an independent swim instructor. It also allows you to train swimmers to participate in the mermaid championships (sanctioned by USA Artistic Swimming AquaMermaid official partner).
You will learn how to teach workshops, weekly recreative and competitive programs, and birthday parties.
Select a date in the calendar: We offer training every month. 
Training details:  9 AM to 4 PM.  (6 hours, 50/50 in the classroom and in the pool)
Certification: Valid for 4 years. Payment by credit card. 
Main location: Montreal, Canada. (We can offer the training to your hotel pool if you stay overnight or we rent lanes at public pools. Let us know your preference) 
Other locations*We can send an instructor to the city of your choice within the USA or Canada with a minimum commitment of 4 registrations. 
Requirements: 16 years old, be comfortable in the water, know how to swim
Equipment: Mermaid tails will be provided for the training or you can bring your own tail. 


Module 1 - Instructor Training Mermaid Class Learn the different types of mermaids classes. Who are your students, how to adapt your teaching from kids to adults and from beginners to advance.  Get familiar with the mermaid swimming fins and costumes equipment.

Module 2 - Instructor Training Class Outline Learn step by step the 7 parts of a mermaid class.  Learn everything for before, during and after the lesson.

Module 3 - Instructor Training Swimming Techniques Learn how to perform the perfect  progression learning mermaid dolphin kick from head to toe. Cover an exhaustive list of all the mermaid exercises, movements and figures.

Module 4 - Instructor Training Teaching Techniques Learn how to teach in a fun and adapted way for various age groups, levels and locations. Understand water physics principles.  How to evaluate swimmer performance, give feedback and motivate your students.  Evaluate risk factors and teaching safety guidelines.

With COVID restriction we now offer a digital training
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