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Mermaid gifts

Being a mermaid is fun for all ages, and there are plenty of cheap, sparkly, and creative ways to give a mermaid a gift! 

Need an easy, last minute present for some friends or family? Try out some of our mermaid themed gifts and party favors! This article will cover some basic mermaid gifts, how to make a mermaid-themed party favor, unique mermaid gifts, and the ever hard to think of mermaid gifts pointed towards adults.  

School/Office Supplies: 

Great ideas would be to start looking within school or office supplies. Every mermaid has a creative sparkle in their hearts, and a great way to express that spark is to draw! Mermaid themed pens, journals, notebooks, stickers, and more are all over. They’re inexpensive and excellent for anyone to use them as planners, note taking, diaries, and more! An excellent site to browse through is Zazzle; check it out here! Target as well often holds a ton of cute notebooks and journals - like this one!


mermaid book agenda note pad card


Another excellent idea for mermaids is jewelry. This is a wider range, as you don’t necessarily have to have a mermaid on the wearable to make it mermaid themed! Mermaiding is more than just tails, after all. To be a mermaid is to love swimming, the sea, the movement of water. There are so many beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and charms that you can gift to a mermaid for an even quality and price. Sea Shells, sea animals, and even beach day themed gifts are excellent choices! Mermaids also do love their sparkly crowns, made out of anything from stolen gold to seaweed and seashells! Check out this small artist on instagram, who makes absolutely stunning mermaid crowns for great prices! 

Mermaid crown mermaidazzle

Eco-Friendly Materials: 

A huge part about being a mermaid is advocating for the welfare of our oceans - so help your pod out with some reusable or ecologically safe products! 

Reusable Straws: 

At this point, everyone on the planet should have them. But just in case not - they’ll make an excellent small gift that will be used again and again! There are so many great ones you can hook up just to a keychain - try these, for example! The Mermaid Straw company makes straws that look beautifully colored and shiny.  

Reusable straws mermaid Biodegradable Glitter

Biodegradable Glitter: 

Because every mermaid needs to get their shine on - eco-friendly glitter makes your skin, hair, and even tail sparkle while not leaving any impacts on the bodies of water you swim in! Check it out here! You can even get some on Amazon

Getting Crafty: 

If you want something completely special with your own twist on the classic tail, try these out! 

Crafting Kits: 

Perfect for our little guppies all over the world, a crafting kit can include a bunch of fun ideas to make all for themselves!  Crafting kits can include making bracelets, hair extensions, temporary tattoos, making hair clips, making mermaid crowns, and so much more! They can be found pretty cheaply at tons of sellers - including this one on Amazon!  

Mermaid art craft kids

Make Your Own Soap: 

It’s super important for mermaids to keep themselves clean! Why not have some fun by making your own mermaid or ocean themed soaps? There are tons of tutorials on Youtube for making your own, but if you’d like a head start - here’s a soap making kit we found on Amazon! And! If you’d like to go full out with your own materials and supplies, you can use the previously mentioned Bear Woods site for some awesome carving materials to create your own mermaid!

Mermaid soap hand made at home

Mermaid Outfits: 

A tail is great and all - but there are tons of more fashion choices that can be even used outside of the water for some high tide mermaid looks. Try these great gifts! 


Of course, a classic - a mermaid swimsuit! Whether you want to wear starfish or clams over your top, we’ve got you covered with lots of choices! We highly recommend the works of Najah Hojeije for one option - she makes beautiful mermaid swimsuits that are more than insta-worthy! Check out her amazing designs on her website here or even just pursue her Instagram account! @mermadeinbrazil  You can also find some other options on clothing sites such as Shein, SwimOutlet, and more! 

mermaid bikini apparel mermade in brazil sereia

Mermaid Bras: 

Mermaid bras are always a super fun part of the costume. You can find some really gorgeous silicone tops to match your bestie’s scales or favorite swimsuit on most of all mermaid tail sights. FinFolk Productions have a drop dead gorgeous Kelpie Bra - take a look here! Did you know we have some here at Aquamermaid? They’re made with real pearls and you can email us for specific measurements.Check them out right here

Mermaid bra clamkini real shell bikini top


Mermaid Shirts: 

We are such huge fans of Salty Mermaid’s collection of tops. They’re absolutely adorable and well priced! Perfect for any mermaid who wants to feel close to her scales even out of the water. Their collection is perfect for your best mer-friend! Mermaid Life is another amazing website we can’t recommend enough! Their designs are super cute and quirky - they’d make excellent presents! You can also check those cute mermaid quote shirts Mermaid's life for me

mermaid shirt salty mermaid apparel mermaid cap swimwuit

Aquamermaid T-Shirt: 

Our Aquamermaid T shirt is absolutely gorgeous and a great gift! With the back slogan saying “Ask me About Mermaids”, it’s a sure fire way to help a mermaid find her pod. Check it out here! 

aquamermaid t shirt school mermaid

Mermaid Shimmer Suit: 

This next gift is made by the amazing Mermaid Lucia. Mermaid Lucia makes tons of tails, scales, and suits - and this is one of her most gorgeous pieces! Who said mermaids need to have fins? This suit is show stopping - you absolutely have to check it out! 

Mermaid Lucia unitard full body suit shimmery glitter sequins

Fabric Tails: 

A fabric tail is a mermaid tail made out of stretchy polyester that most swimwear is made with. They can range upwards in price, but are excellent choices for mermaids just starting out. You can browse our tails on Aquamermaid for some ideas. Also, fabric tails can be homemade pretty easily, with a little bit of elbow grease! 

Aquamermaid tail swimmable mermaid tail for kids adults

Mermaid blanket

A very popular blanket is the mermaid tail blanket - a sewn blanket that fits in the shape of a mermaid tail. They’re super comfortable and can be found all over online sources for even prices. They can help make anyone feel like a mermaid! Great for naps, lounging, and more! 

mermaid tail blanket


Mermaid Party Favors 

The best kind of a party is a mermaid themed one! And what better way to end the party with some party favors. A small little drawstring or plastic baggie full of fun little goodies is a great way to show appreciation for all guests, big or small! Here’s a great idea on how to make a mermaid party favor! 

50 Mermaid Gifts for Kids and Adults

Start with a drawstring bag - it adds a little extra flare to the party and looks more like a type of woven material mermaids would have on hand. You can find these easily all over; superstores such as Walmart or Target have them for only around $15! 

For the inners of the bag, a great idea is to pay a visit to a fabric store and find some buttons or sequins in the shape of scales. Joanne Fabrics holds some beautiful starfish charms that would make great mini ocean floor treasures! Bonus points if you go to a nearby beach and find small shells to add to the baggie! Candies and other sweets are great additions to the favors - don’t be afraid to get a little cheesy with some goldfish crackers! Sea Salt Taffy is another excellent candy for these little baggies. Swedish Fish is another popular and adorable choice!

Don’t forget to fill the bag with loads of sparkles and glitter! Pens make an excellent addition to these little bags as well. Currently, a popular trend are these absolutely adorable flippable octopus plushies. They’re small, cute, and totally cozy enough to be tossed in a party favor for any age! 
Remember - the mermaid party favor should look as if it’s gathered from the ocean! You can be as creative as you want; the best way to keep it mermaid-like is to make it creative and fun! 

Mermaid Gifts for Adults: 

Mermaiding is not just for kids - no matter how many naysayers believe otherwise! Mermaiding is beloved by all genders, ethnicities, and sexualities! There are tons of great gifts for adults who want to explore their scaly side - take a look at some here! 


Makeup is an excellent choice for mermaids. With a few practiced strokes, we can turn our everyday human faces into scaly creatures of the deep. Makeup can help create the illusions of gills and scales, and so underwater makeup is an excellent gift! Waterproof makeup is a little more expensive than not - some great choices include face jewels to give mermaids that extra little pop. Mermaid Linden Wolbert is a champion of perfecting the mermaid makeup, and she recommends Clinique as a great seller for her waterproof needs. Wolbert also recommends L’Oréal Paris’s Voluminous Waterproof Building Mascara in Black Brown for her mascara. 

Another excellent mermaid who makes her own products is Emily Alexandra. Her products and meant to survive the lifestyle of our diving in and out of the water. Her products are eco-friendly, adorable, and all inspired by the beauty of the ocean itself. You absolutely have to check her out!

mermaid makeup brush lipstick emily alexandra guillermo

Sinus Plugs: 

A huge challenge of mermaiding and swimming as often as we do is water up the orifices. Nose plugs can come in huge help here! We have a review of one specific kind you can get on our Youtube Channel. Discret, comfortable, and cheap nose plugs are great gift ideas for any mermaid needing a break! 

Sinus Saver Nose Plug Review

Home Decor: 

Decorating the inside of a living situation is what makes it fun! Mermaids love to show off their snuff, so home decor is a great idea for any gift for any mermaid of any age! 

Wall arts are gorgeous and beautiful, and can be customized to read different sea-shanty sayings. 

Picture frames are a timeless classic; who doesn’t want a physical memory showing them at their mer-best! You can buy a normal picture frame, then decorate it with mermaid stickers, designs, shells, and so much more! It’s a creative and loving gift! Check it out here 

wood mermaid art picture frame home decor

Water bottles are always needed. Reusable materials are always appreciated for the mermaids who want to protect their home, and can be decorated in all sorts of sea themed ways! It’s a great and inexpensive gift for a mermaid bestie! 

Unique Mermaid Gifts: 

Mermaids are always special - time to make them feel it with these cute ideas! 


Projectors have come into fashion only recently - and are so cool! A projector can act like a night light of sorts - reflecting patterns of all kinds over the roof someone sleeps under. For mermaids, a great version of this is the projector of the ocean waves or light from a pool. These can be found on Amazon easily! 

water projector ceiling ocean waves decoration lights

Artist Kit: 

A beautifully original idea - crafting kits are perfect for any mermaid looking to add some spice or take on a fun design project. Epoxy is a type of molding meld that can be used in woodworking, repairs, and of course - art! You can buy your mermaid loved one a gallon of it. With it, they can create beautiful molds of the ocean, scales, and more! Check out some examples on this beautiful site, called Bear Woods! Even better - if you use the coupon code AQUAMERMAID you’ll get 10% off your order! Click the link here! 

epoxy resin art ocean sea mermaid gift

Book a Pool: 

If you want to go all out - book a pool for the hour! The whole point of mermaiding is to enjoy swimming! With the new app Swimply, as featured on the TV show Shark Tank, it’s super easy and fun to rent out beautiful pools for great prices! If you need a pool party but don’t have a pool, this is the best way to get to practice your mermaid swim! Hey, and check it out - you can save 15% off on us with the promo code 7SW77. 

Mermaid Instructor Certificate: 

Offered on our very own sight, an amazing and different gift is our Digital Instructor Training! Through our very own Marielle, trainee’s will go through nine modules to perfect the business of being a mermaid, teaching others how to be a mermaid, and more! It’s a dream come true for some of our beloved mermaids - check it out! 


If you don’t want to invest in a full tail, but you want to give your friend or family member a cool gift - try out a monofin! Monofins are scuba fins, essentially, except the monofin is a scholar fin with two pockets for feet instead of the two separate shoes. It’s an excellent way to build up your mermaid kick and feel the power a tail could give you! We sell some great ones here at Aquamermaid, and there are plenty more to fish for online! 

Finis company : fins, swimsuits, googles edge, discount code Aquamermaid for discounts

Mermaid Themed Gifts: 

Mermaids don’t always have to be front and center of the gifts you give. You can find a lot of ocean themed, beach themed, and summer themed gifts to satisfy your mermaid! 

Pool Floats: 

Pool floats are great for any mermaid, practicing or dreaming. You can buy floats in all shapes in sizes - from food to clam shells with pearls and all. Any mermaid would love to lay out on a pearl of her own floating in any setting - river, pool, lake, or ocean! 

inflatable shell pool float


An excellent gift and a great way to spend time with someone you love.  Nothing makes a mermaid smile or gets the imagination flowing quite like seeing those beautiful and sparkly tails flash through the water. Check out this blog post here for a list of some great mermaid movies! 


Mermaid plushies are adorable, lovable little pals that can make anyone’s heart a little fuller. Giving a squeeze to your favorite teddy bear can keep the nightmares away, or sit beautifully and peacefully to add to the decor of a home. They’re inexpensive and super popular! 


Books are an excellent way to spend some relaxation time. There are tons of mermaid books out there, for now, we recommend these few: Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings by Helene Boudreau, The Girl From the Sea by Molly Ostertag, To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo, The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler, and Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly! 

Mermaid books

Mermaids love to express themselves in every which way - there are tons more options out there, this is just a list to get you started! We hope you found this list inspiring! 

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