Mermaid hair

Mermaid Hair

How to get mermaid hair

There’s that saying, “mermaid hair don’t care!” But many people DO care! It’s a huge topic that is searched, with mermaids being as trendy as they currently are. Everyone wants mermaid hair. It’s no wonder why. Mermaids are beautiful magical creatures and anything relating to them is something amazing.

Pink hair mermaid


Mermaid hair means many different things. In reality, all hair is mermaid hair if you’re a mermaid. But when people say “mermaid hair” they usually imagine long, flowy hair, often with intricate braids, curls, and pretty colors. 

If you want to have mermaid hair but aren’t sure how, look no further! In this article we are going to teach you about all the different styles of mermaid hair and how to achieve them.


Braids look elegant on anyone, but they also make a beautiful addition to any mermaid look. There are several types of braids that can be done. There are French braids, fishtail braids, regular braids, and you can also do partial braiding of your hair. You could have most of your hair down, and some thin braids hanging in your hair, or styled against the top of your head. Another fun thing about braids is you can add accessories to them, like little clips and charms. Braiding works best with longer hair but can still work with short hair.

Traditional braid instructions:

  •  Pull hair into three different strands
  • Cross one of the other strands over the middle one
  • Take other outer strand and pull over the new middle strand
  • Continue alternating pulling outer strands over the middle strand until you get to the end of your hair
  • Tie the end with a ponytail holder

Mermaid braids


Long hair

Traditionally, mermaids have been depicted with long locks of hair, cascading down their bodies, covering their chests. You could see images of them combing their hair or playing with it. This is one way to look mermaidy but can be a lengthy process (no pun intended).

Growing out hair takes time, but there are techniques for making It grow longer and healthier quicker, and there are also hair extensions, which are hair attachments you clip under your natural hair and they make it look like your hair is much longer than it truly is.

Things that make hair grow long faster

  • Trim dead ends often
  • Keep hair healthy by avoiding excessive dyeing, heat styling and over-washing
  • Stimulate hair growth by massaging scalp frequently
  • Take vitamins D, A, C, and E, which are good for your hair
  • Wash hair with cold water
  • Brush your hair carefully, not ripping out knots and breaking your strands of hair
  • Deep condition your hair before washing – apply to damp hair for ten minutes

long hair mermaid in water



Wigs are a great way to turn your regular hair into a luscious, full-bodied head full of hair that can be in any color, style, or length. Perfect temporary mermaid hair for a gig, for photos, or just for fun!

Here is how to install a wig for underwater swimming

  • Take the front of your hair and make small braids, pulling them towards the back of your head
  • Pull hair into a low ponytail and then twist into a bun
  • Place a wig cap over your scalp, tucking all hairs into it
  • Place wig on head and adjust it to be properly positioned
  • Wig should have little clips on it that should be clipped into bun and braids
  • Move hair until you can see the netted base of the wig and apply 15-20 bobby pins all throughout your head to keep wig in place
  • Use double sided tape at the front under the wig on your forehead to help keep wig in place
  • Test that your wig will stay on your head by shaking your head back and forth like a rockstar

Tips for swimming underwater in a wig

  • Use synthetic wig because real hair will get ruined by water
  • Properly attach with pins and wig glue, make sure it’s tight to your head
  • Have different wigs for underwater and dry events because water will make the wig messy
  • Get a bright colored wig because the pool water will make it look darker
  • Swim with slow movements and let hair flow behind you
  • Dive down or shake head slightly if the hair gets in your face
  • Use your hands to move the hair to a position that will look pretty underwater
  • Long hair looks best because it shows a lot of movement underwater

Fun fact: you can keep your curls underwater with a synthetic wig. 

Colored hair

“Mermaid hair” is a new trend in which the hair is dyed with multiple pastel colors that intertwine with each other. It’s usually a multi-step process, involving bleaching hair, trimming the ends, and potentially several visits to the salon.

There are many variations of this hair dyeing trend. You can dye all your hair one color, you could do streaks of different colors all throughout your hair, you could only dye part of your hair, or you could do an ombre effect.

If you are getting your hair done at a salon, there are some things to be aware of.

  • Cost- it generally costs between $60 and $150 but can be as much as $350.
  • Time- You may have to go a few times to achieve the look, and while there it is usually not a quick visit. It will take a couple hours at least.
  • Communication- be sure to tell your hairdresser exactly what you want, they are not mind-readers. Bringing pictures of the look you want is a good idea.

mermaid colored hair rainbow pastel


If you want to try DIY mermaid hair, there are ways you can do that. You can buy your own hair dye and go through the more involved and less temporary way or if you just want something for a photoshoot you could try something like colored hairspray or hair chalk.

If you choose to dye your hair blond be aware it reacts with chlorine in the pool and may turn greenish as an unwanted result. There are blue or purple shampoos that you can use to try to reduce this effect.

Chlorine hair turning green before and after


If you buy a hair dyeing kit, there are a few things to do in preparation and for post-dye hair care.

  • If you have darker hair, it needs to be lightened beforehand
  • Don’t wash your hair for three days before dyeing it
  • Use specialty shampoo and conditioner to keep the color longer
  • Be sure to carefully follow the boxes instructions
  • Wear gloves! Hair dye contains chemicals that can be harmful to your skin

Hair accessories/headpieces

A mermaid look is not complete with some kind of accessory on your head. It could be a seashell crow, headband, or clip. Hair accessories will give you mermaid hair without actually styling your hair in a particular fashion.

There are some fabulous pieces on Etsy, through big name mermaid companies, or you could make your own.

Making a mermaid clip is simple. You just need a hair clip, some seashells, hot glue, and materials like fishnet, fake seaweed, and pearls. I glue the pieces together with hot glue and then reinforce them with E6000, a heavy-duty glue. Another easy DIY headpiece is to get a headband and glue seashells to it. There are many DIY tutorials online to refer to for this.

Be aware, the higher quality the piece, the more expensive. They can get pretty pricey. Major mermaid brands will be more costly, but you know you will be getting the best.

How to make a mermaid clip and mermaid crown/headband:

mermaid hair clip crown


Mermaid hair care

Mermaids spend a lot of time in the sun. Outside in the pool or at the beach on a bright sunny day! The sun can do damage on your hair and so can pools and the ocean. No one wants unhealthy hair, but most of us do want to swim. Chlorine in pools and the salt of the sea can cause your hair to become dry and frizzy.

Here are some extra tips to keep your hair healthy

  • Wear a hat when spending time in the sun
  • Wash hair right after spending time in chlorinated pool or the sea
  • Gently brush hair before bed to prevent matting, which is difficult to brush out and can cause damage. Brushing also evenly distributes natural oils in your hair
  • Only wash hair every two-three days
  • Avoid eating greasy food often
  • Consume a healthy amount of protein, omega fatty acids, and vitamins D,A,C,E
  • Get frequent trims
  • Dry hair with cotton t-shirt or microfiber cloth

Mermaid hair really becomes mermaid hair when you are in a mermaid tail! We got you covered for that. We want to help complete your mermaid look with not only beautiful mermaid locks, but with a mermaid tail and top. Check out our tails and our clamkini for the ultimate mermaid look! If you’re looking for mermaid hair for a halloween costume, then remember that our monofins are removable and you can walk in the tail as well as swim! 

Let us know if you found this article to be helpful. We hope all your days are magical mermaid days!

Author: Olivia Gilbert is a mermaid influencer and professional mermaid who has been swimming as a mermaid for seven wonderful years. She is an English student who has a passion for writing and editing. It brings her great joy to combine her two favorite things: mermaids and writing! Her website

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