Mermaid powers

Mermaid Powers

Being a magical creature, mermaids are often depicted as having magical powers. Magic powers allow one to manipulate the elements and defy the laws of physics. There are all kinds of magic powers: Mind-reading, flying, invisibility, shapeshifting, controlling nature, and many more.

We will share with you all the possible mermaid powers and abilities to have based on mythology, literature, and media.

This article includes:

  •         Do mermaids have magic powers?
  •         What powers do mermaids have?
  •         Mermaid powers from legends
  •         Mermaid powers from Mako Mermaids
  •         Mermaid powers from Sims
  •         Are mermaids immortal?
  •         How do mermaids die?


Do mermaids have magic powers?

The age-old question: do mermaids have powers? The answer is yes! Based on many interpretations it is safe to say mermaids have powers. This is from a mythological standpoint, however. If mermaids happen to be real, it is less likely that they would have magic powers, as no creature has been confirmed in having magic powers.

 What powers do mermaids have?

Here are some powers that mermaids are known to have:

  1.       Shapeshifting between mermaid and human
  2.       Controlling the weather
  3.       Controlling water- This is known as hydrokinesis. It is the ability to manipulate liquid water.
  4.       Using their song to enchant people into a trance- In legends of mermaid it is said that mermaids and sirens use their magical singing voices to lure sailors to their death and control their minds.
  5.       Speaking to animals- Mermaids in film are often shown talking to animals. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel talks to a fish named Flounder and a crab named Sebastian.


Mermaid powers from legends

The most commonly known mermaid power is the ability to enchant sailors through song. This is a classic trait of the more nefarious siren. They were said to sing to sailors in order to drown them or have them crash their ship into rocks. This version of mermaids comes from Homer’s The Odyssey.

Some tales depict mermaids as being able to grant wishes. Such versions of mermaids include the ceasg, of Scottish folklore, the merrow, of Irish folklore.

Shape shifting is a common power for mermaids to have. In Celtic mythology there are creatures called selkies, who can transform from human to seal. They are considered to be a form of mermaid. There are also many myths that portray mermaids as having the power to become human.

Mermaid powers from mako mermaids/H2O

In the show Mako Mermaids, to become a mermaid you must fall into the moon pool during a full moon. Once this magic takes place you begin to have magic powers and the ability to transform into a mermaid once in the water.

Here are the powers they show in Mako Mermaids:

1. Hydrokinesis: Hydrokinesis is the elemental ability to create, control and manipulate liquid water at will. Hydrokinesis has been used to float water in the air or spray it in the form of a jet blast. One can also control water and mold it into any shape and for his or her desires. It's also used to mold water into a multitude of shapes, ranging from simple water orbs to a miniature mermaid figurine and three-headed snakes. Hydrokinesis also allows the user to multiply the water molecules, making the shape of the water to grow more and expand in size, despite the small amount in a glass to begin with.

2. Hydro-Cryokinesis: Hydro-cryokinesis is the elemental ability to freeze water. This ability can cause things to become brittle enough to break, such as an electronic lock. Hydro-cryokinesis can be used to freeze an entire person, since large portions of human body are made out of water. It can also be used to render people immobile by freezing only their wet clothing. Mixed with hydrokinesis, this power can create ice sculptures or ice-orbs that would eventually melt or shatter. At first, it implies that Hydro-cryokinesis could only freeze things with water over it. But several times in season one, Emma was able to freeze, cool, and lock objects with her powers without the aid of water. This could imply that she can freeze the small water molecules around those dry objects.

3. Hydro-Thermokinesis: Hydro-Thermokinesis is the ability to heat and boil the water.

4. Aerokinesis: The power to create, manipulate and control the air and wind.

5. Atmokinesis: The power to control and manipulate the weather itself and its various aspects.


6. Cryokinesis: Merpeople with this elemental ability can create solid ice or making snow.

7. Electrokinesis: The power to generate and control electricity/lightning.

8. Pyrokinesis: The power to create, manipulate and control fire. A mermaid with this elemental ability can create, manipulate, and control fire at will.

9. Essence Manipulation: Essence Manipulation is the power to manipulate an object's or person's essence. To take the essence, one only has to touch the object or person. Mimmi demonstrated that power when she took Evie's Essence and tried to remove her newly acquired mermaid tail.

10. Invisibility: Invisibility is a power that all natural merpeople have. It allows you to be invisible to the naked eye. It is also shown that they cannot stay invisible forever.

11. Invisibility Detection: Invisibility detection is the ability to see invisible merpeople.

12. Limited Transformation: When a merperson is completely dry, their tails transform into human legs. Ten seconds after touching water, they will revert back to their true forms.


13. Siren Singing: Siren singing is an ability that allows the mermaid to put a boy into an irresistible, hypnotic trance in which he will follow her around.

14. Speed-Swimming: Speed-swimming is one of the most used abilities in H2O: Just Add Water and Mako: Island of Secrets. It allows merpeople to swim at the speed of 600 km/h. Their body is encased in bubbles as a jet stream to swim faster. This power is mostly used for racing other merpeople or escaping from boats and other merpeople, or just to get somewhere faster.

15. Telekinesis: Telekinesis is the power to move objects and people with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. With this power, the user can levitate objects, hold an object in place, pull objects toward the user, push objects away from the user, and alter an object's directional course.

16. Volume Reduction: Volume Reduction is the ability to shrink objects. The hand motion for this power is to use the thumb and index finger and move up and down with the fingers.

17. Vision Sharing: This is a power that is unique to Mimmi and Zac and is possibly only shared between siblings.

Mermaid powers in sims

In The Sims 3: Island Paradise, and Sims 4: Island Living, you are able to magically transform into a mermaid by consuming Mermaidic Kelp. This allows you to have a mermaid tail in the water and the ability to breathe underwater.

Not only do you get to be a mermaid, but you are given magical mermaid powers! Here are the magic powers you possess as a mermaid in Sims.

  1.       Conch shell- Having the conch shell enables you to summon another mermaid whom you’ve already met.
  2.       Protection from dangerous sea creatures- Mermaids are safe from certain predators such as sharks. This will not protect you from the Kraken or the cave monster, however.
  3.       Mean-spirited/evil- A mermaid in Sims can be evil and have the power to summon sharks in order to attack divers.
  4.       Siren's Lullaby- You get to sing songs to influence the moods of other mermaids. You can sing a song to make them tense, to make them flirt, or to make them sad.
  5.       Mermaid's Kiss- This power can give another sim the ability to stay under water for longer periods of time.
  6.       Aquatic Lure- The ability to summon fish.
  7.       Call for Dolphins- Ability to summon dolphins that you are friends with.
  8.       Siren's Call- Can call another sim to come so they can be dragged underwater and drowned.

Are mermaids immortal?

While I believe mermaids have different lifespans than humans, it is doubtful that they live forever. They are biological beings who are most likely subject to universal processes such as aging and dying.  However, there are beliefs that mermaids are spiritual creatures who live on a different plane of existence. Those kinds of mermaids would be immortal. That is a common archetype in mermaid legends and myths.

How do mermaids die?

According to Hans Christian Andereson’s The Little Mermaid, when mermaids die they turn into sea foam. But how do mermaids die? In The Little Mermaid they live for 300 years before dying.

It is likely that mermaid can die just like any other sea creature. They are able to be killed in any way a human can be killed. By natural disaster, murder, animal attack, old age, or illness.

Some mermaids may even have the power to extend their lifespan, through magical healing, such as a spell or potion.


Those are all the powers that mermaids are known to have. Wouldn’t you love to have some of those powers? Magic powers is just another thing that makes mermaids so amazing.

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