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Mermaid Tail Blanket Review

Your love for mermaiding does not have to end in the water! Mermaid tail blankets give you the feeling of being a mermaid while lounging on the couch! 

The best places to shop for mermaid tail blankets online are Amazon, Groupon, and Etsy. Shopping online is sometimes hard because you don’t know what you’re getting.

I reviewed some mermaid tails I got online so you can see the differences in quality and how they look. A few mermaid tails presented in my video are not available for purchase anymore but I have linked below to similar models currently available. 

You can watch the video review here, or continue reading below:


1. Plush and Sequin Mermaid Tails 

Plush mermaid tail blanket flannel

Price: Medium $25-$50

Being the first that I tried on, the plush mermaid tail brought quite an interesting experience to my morning agenda! While this model claims to double as a blanket and sleeping bag, I can only truly imagine it working well for the former. There is not a lot of moving space for one’s waist and legs (granted, I am well over the intended age and height limits), although there is quite a bit of foot room.

Aesthetically, the light blue and fuchsia are a good pairing. In general, it seems as if the plush tail offers quite a few color combos featuring bright, vibrant colors.

In terms of material, the tail is really soft and feels delightful when you brush your hand on it. However, be careful not walk around the house in this blanket, as it attracts dirt and grime quite easily.


2. Enchantail Slumber Bag Set 

Enchantails Mermaid tail blanket sleeping bag


Price: High $50+

With such luxury and esteem, it simply isn’t fair to compare Enchantail’s Slumber Bag Set to the rest of the blankets. Equipped with a royal purple exterior, cushioned inner layer for extra comfort, gorgeous design, and plentiful external accessories, this sleeping bag is truly first-rate.

Notably, this mermaid tail is both bigger and more comfortable than the others, and is undoubtedly the model I could most see myself sleeping in.

My only criticism of Enchantail’s Slumber Bag would be that the tail actually covers most of my torso, taking away from the idea that it is simply a mermaid tail. Having said that, in turn, the torso covering attributes to this tail’s supreme comfort, supplying what is sure to be a warm and magical night for any users.


3. Wave Striped Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket 

Knitted Tail Blankets green


Price: Low under $25

This mermaid tail blanket reigns supreme when it comes to overall quality, comfort, and design. Unlike most blankets, this design allows a considerable amount of space for your upper body to feel comfortable. There is also quite a bit of space for feet, including a slight opening, in case you’re feeling a little claustrophobic! 

It is very detailed, with wave-like ripples, coated by a beautiful array of colors sprinkled across its light green base. The wavy pattern feels authentically mermaid-y! This tail didn’t have the chemically smell of some of the other tails, which is a bonus.


 4. Knit crochet Mermaid tail blanket 

Knitted Tail Blankets purple


Price: Low under $25

Despite being the lowest priced mermaid tail blanket on our list, this blanket does not sacrifice quality. In fact, it is one of the models than pays the most attention to detail, with scales that are positioned in a wonderfully lifelike manner.

Maximum comfort and overall scale detail throughout the body. 

This blanket fares better when it comes to tail structure, offering maximum comfort and overall scale detail throughout the body. The Dream Story tails are also notably thicker and warmer than many of the other models on the market. 


5. Amyhomie Mermaid Tail Blanket Knit Sofa Blankets

Knitted Tail Blankets pink


Price: Low under $25

Although there might be quite a few perks for this model for its intended audience of young girls, the Amyhomie model seems to otherwise generally be rather problematic.

On the positive side, its hot pink color should definitely appeal to little girls. The material is lightweight and and shouldn't be too heavy for young girls. However, anyone else should probably expect a loss in flexibility, not to mention a weird stench when it is fresh out of the package. I also have a hard time imagining it serving well as an actual blanket, as it is far too light. Perhaps this “blanket” would be better if acknowledged as a children’s dress-up costume.


6. Make it yourself

pink Knit mermaid tail blanket

The last model tested was a knit mermaid blanket, gifted by a friend. The blanket’s charming, grandmother-esque design makes it equally cute and cozy. This one was made for a toddler, so it's super teeny! It reminds me of an adorable shrimp due to the tininess and the reddish-pink color!

All jokes aside, this mermaid tail blanket is actually quite flexible and soft because of the cozy wool it's made from.

For any DIY-oriented readers, we highly suggest knitting your own mermaid blanket as a fun activity that is sure to pay off in the long run. A hand-knitted mermaid tail blanket is especially cozy for those frosty winter nights.

You could also buy a handmade one from Etsy.

Mermaid tail blankets are a great gift idea, and are perfect to keep those mermaid vibes even when you’re not at the beach or the pool! Whichever one you choose, I hope you enjoy your mermaid tail blanket while watching mermaid videos on YouTube! 

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