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Mermaid Tattoo

This article will focus on mermaid tattoos. Find inspiration, tips, and ideas for mermaid tattoos.

A way to honor your inner mermaid is by getting tattoos of mermaids and anything ocean related, such as waves, seashells, or marine creatures. Mermaid tattoos are meaningful and beautiful.

Did you know that about 38% of people have tattoos worldwide? Everyone gets them for different reasons. Some people get tattoos because they are pretty, some get them to honor those who passed away, and others get them to commemorate things they like or that are important to them.

mermaid tattoo

In this article you will find:

  1. Mermaid tattoo meaning?
  2. Origin of mermaid tattoos
  3. Mermaid tattoo ideas
  4. Ocean tattoo ideas
  5. What to know before getting a tattoo
  6. Least painful place to get a tattoo

Mermaid tattoo meaning?

Mermaids are more than just beautiful, mythical creatures. They symbolize many things; freedom, connection to the ocean, independence, femininity, magic, and sexuality are just some things that mermaids represent.

But mermaids can mean different things to different people, and so can tattoos. Tattoos don’t need to have meaning. You can get a mermaid tattoo just because they’re pretty. But there is an extra layer of depth to a tattoo when it has important meaning.

Most tattoos have a story. If it’s about a mermaid then it is an interesting one indeed! You can have a mermaid tattoo to symbolize the meanings listed above, or just because you love mermaids.

Origine of mermaid tattoo

Origin of mermaid tattoos

Tattooing is an ancient practice that dates back from 3100 B.C.E. The word “tattoo” comes from the Samoan word “tatau”, which means "to strike,” named after the striking of the needle on the skin.

Mermaid tattoos have been popular since the early 1900’s, when they were common among sailors. Tattoos were especially important in the sailing community, representing belonging, commemorating maritime travels and triumphs, and being a way to pass the time during long voyages at sea. Superstitious sailors also used tattoos to ward off bad luck.

A traditional sailor’s tattoo of a mermaid is often depicted in a pinup girl fashion. They were meant to represent the danger and beauty of the sea, since mermaids were believed to be beautiful half-women who seduced and killed sailors.

mermaid tattoo idea

Mermaid tattoo ideas 

1. Mermaid tattoos - Mermaids being as beautiful as they are naturally make for stunning tattoos. There are many different variations for your mermaid tattoo design. You can get something realistic or something more abstract. Mermaid tattoos usually include a long scaly tail. You’ll also see other elements incorporated into the design, such as the ocean, the sky, some rocks that the mermaid is lounging on, or other marine creatures. You can do a simple black and white tattoo, or plaster it with bright pretty hues of blue, purple, and green. 

color mermaid tattoo

2. Mermaid scale tattoos - These are another common mermaid tattoo to get. Getting a little set of scales tattooed onto your skin makes it look like you are a mermaid whose scales are showing through. 

Mermaid tattoo scales

3. Mermaid quote tattoos - These are another way to express your mermaid love. Getting tattoos of words and phrases not only looks amazing, but it is a way to remind yourself of positive or meaningful messages. Here are a few examples of mermaid quotes. For more check out our mermaid quotes article.  “My demons tried to drown me, but they didn’t know I could breathe underwater.” - Jordan Sarah “I must be a mermaid, for I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” -Anais Nin “A smooth sea never made a skilled mermaid.”- The Nautical Wheeler blog 

Mermaid tattoo quote

4. Little Mermaid tattoo - If you love mermaids, then it is likely that your favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid. If you want to get a tattoo to commemorate The Little Mermaid, here are some ideas. 

Little mermaid tattoo Ariel

5. Ocean tattoo - Mermaids are obsessed with the ocean, as it is their natural habitat. So, all of us mermaids and mermaid lovers are naturally drawn towards anything ocean related. An ocean tattoo is a tattoo of anything that comes from the ocean, such as seashells, marine animals, and waves. 

ocean tattoo marine life shell

6. Nautical tattoos - These are tattoos of anything that has to do with boats. Some nautical symbols are anchors, ship steering wheels, compasses, maps, and boats. These are great tattoos for mermaids since boats and the ocean go hand in hand

Ocean tattoo nautical

7. Mermaid head tattoo

mermaid tattoo face hair

8. Mermaid temporary tattoo 

temporary mermaid tattoo

9. traditional mermaid tattoo 

traditional mermaid tattoo

10. Kids Mermaid tattoo 

kids mermaid tattoo

11. Mermaid tail tattoo 

mermaid tail tattoo

12. Pinup mermaid tattoo 

pinup mermaid tattoo

13. Simple mermaid tattoo designs 

simple mermaid tattoo design

14. Watercolor mermaid tattoo

watercolor mermaid tattoo

    15. Black and White mermaid tattoo 

    Black and white mermaid tattoo

    16.Unique mermaid tattoo

    unique mermaid tattoo

    What to know before getting a tattoo

    There is research and consideration that should be done before getting a tattoo. Firstly, tattoos are permanent, unless you want to go through a painful removal experience. So, it’s important to think about what you’re getting and make sure you truly like it.

    One thing that is important to look into is the artist. Make sure to find the right person and look at their previous work. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a permanent tattoo that does not look perfect.

    You also need to know about the costs, the pain, and the time it takes to get a tattoo. Tattoos are pretty expensive and can take hours to get. Hours of painful needle pricks. Some people can tolerate the pain, but not all. Different spots are even more painful for getting tattoos. 

    Least painful place to get a tattoo

    Because getting a tattoo involves a sharp needle repeatedly piercing your skin, it can be pretty painful. However, certain spots are less painful.

    The most painful spots for a tattoo are the bony parts of your body. Contrariwise, the least painful tattoo spots are the parts with more body fat and thick skin and fewer nerve endings. Some spots that are less painful include the upper forearm, the upper outer thighs, outer shoulders and biceps, the back, and the calves.

    If you have a mermaid soul, a tattoo is a stunning, visual way to honor that side of you. A mermaid tattoo is meaningful, representing bravery, beauty, magic, power, and connection to nature. If you are looking into getting yourself a mermaid tattoo, hopefully this article was helpful to you!


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