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Everything About Shipping Container Pools

What if I told you there is an alternative option to your traditional in-ground, a cement swimming pool that has the same main features but is ten times more interesting? Mermaids are already unique enough, now imagine swimming in a unique swimming pool that will have people talking.

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1. Why we got a container pool

Shipping container pools have become the latest option for swimmers. Today, shipping containers are often turned into tiny houses and even pools! Aquamermaid is receiving a shipping container pool for the North American Mermaid Championship

In the following article, we will share our experience of getting our shipping container pool and answering the most common questions about shipping container pools. Make sure to check out our video series about the full process.

shipping container pool for family kids

2. How do you turn a shipping container into a pool

In order to build a shipping container swimming pool, there are many necessary steps that need to be completed in order to ensure the safety, and quality of the pool. All of the pools have a drawing stage to ensure that the build is approved by the customer, engineers must make sure that the pool is compliant with weight and water loads so that the pool walls do not bow or flex. The pools must go through some strict testing protocols before it’s being released to the customer.  Once all safety and security checks are done on the pool, the team will assemble the mechanical room and other features that go on the pool such as: Windows, staircases and decks. Once delivered to its location it can be filled with water and it becomes a shipping container swimming pool. 

shipping container pool

To have your container pool installed you need to hire an electrician and a crane service. This is the customer’s responsibility to do. Sometimes a contractor may be required as well.

Container pool mechanical pool heater filter pump

3. Pros of shipping container pools

What makes these pools so great for mermaid shows? Well, they are easy to transport and install at the location of the show, they are just the right size for a mermaid to swim around in, without taking up too much space, and they can have built-in windows in the size of your choice so people can watch the mermaid swim and perform tricks.

Shipping container swimming pools are suitable for anyone. They are a stylish option for any home with a rustic aesthetic to it. They come with many benefits, such as customizable features, easy installation, and they may be a safer option. You can even get one with a jacuzzi built in! 

Ordering a pool is exciting, but also requires a lot of thinking about what you want. We just went through the process of ordering our own pool and we are here to help walk you through that process. This article will explain all the features and benefits of a container pool and we will lay out the prices.

shipping container pool large windows

4. The basic pool model includes the following: 

  • Delivery within the United States and Canada 
  • The option of 3 depths: 4, 6, and 8 feet deep
  • Chlorine System
  • Master temp Gas or electric heating system
  • Digital and mobile-friendly control system for filtration, pumps, lighting, chemical management, and more. With Pentair ScreenLogic2® Interface. 
  • Led lighting system fully adjustable with many colours and controlled by your smart device

Here are some benefits to choosing a shipping container pool over a typical in-ground pool.

pool lights

Best pool to start a conversion about. 

At first glance, people might say “what the heck is that?” They definitely have a unique look to them, one that may be perfect for the aesthetic of your home and makes for a great conversation starter. People love new things. Tell them about how shipping containers are now being made into houses and pools and hot tubs, a trend that is relatively new.

Since container pools are completely customizable, you can design yours to your exact preferences! Many different features are available, some for function and some for aesthetics. For example, most pools don’t have windows, but with you can add several windows. This is both great for mermaid performers to do shows or to get pictures and for kids who will have fun showing off their swim skills and posing underwater for friends and family. It’s also fun for parties, where the swimmer can make silly faces or wave underwater to anyone outside the pool who may be watching.

Shipping container pool party

5. How much does it cost for a shipping container pool?

Shipping container pools can have a wide range of pricing according to what you are looking for, but in general, they cost between $28,000 and $50,000 USD. The price depends on the size of the pool and the added features purchased.

Length: Container pools are known for lap pools as they are in a rectangular shape

  • 20 foot pool = $27,900 USD--- $35,000 CAD
  • 30 foot pool = $33,000 USD--- $41,000 CAD
  • 40 foot pool = $37,000 USD--- $49,000 CAD
  • 45 foot pool = $47,000 USD--- $62,000 CAD
    40 feet shipping container pool

    6. Are shipping container pools cheaper?

    Depending on what you choose, you may be able to save some money as opposed to getting a traditional inground, concrete pool. An average swimming pool price is about 100k, but you can get a basic shipping container pool for less than half that price if you stick to the basic model. With added features, they can get pretty high in price, but generally, they are cheaper.

    If you are interested in getting a shipping container pool contact us If you find the price is too high for you to pay at one time, some company also have financing options. That way you can get a loan and then make multiple lower payments over time instead of dropping one big payment

    7. Customization options for a container pool

    One of the great things about shipping container pools is the versatility of them. There are so many options for customization. They have the basic model, but there is a wide range of variations that can be made.

    Shipping container pool external staircase

    8. What features do container pools come with:

    8.1 Windows: One of the unique features of container pools is that you can add a really cool window. Your pool becomes an underwater display frame for swimmers. You can have the vertical, horizontal or you can even choose for one at the top edge to give the infinity pool look. 

    • 4×8 inches Window (1 inch thick) 
    • 4×10 inches Window (1 Inch thick)
    • 2x8 Window ( 1 Inch thick)
      large windows shipping container pool

      8.2 Activities options: 

      • Swim jet-- (brand: Badu Swimjet or Endless Pools) swim jets are perfect for getting exercise. They will create a current that will allow you to swim in a static position, like a swimming version of a treadmill. This allows you to do actual endurance sports like laps in a short pool.  
      • Shallow end/Splash Deck- 5 Foot Length
      • Shallow end/Splash Deck- 7 Foot Length
      • Hot tub
      • Divider wall option for having a pool on one side and hot tub on the other
        Pool swim jets
        8.3 Safety options
        • Electric Child Safety Cover - This is perfect for an inground pool. A large 14mm pool cover will cover the pool and it is resistant enough for people to walk on it and not sink.
        • Manual Child Safety Cover Comes with a manual handle you spin a big role at the end of the pool)
        • Railing: Above ground pool railing around the deck is a good idea to make sure nobody falls down.
          Pool railing

          8.4 Manual Pool Cover

          This will save you energy in heating and removing leaves. It is a big cover you lay on top of the pool when you don’t use it and it will insulate the pool to keep it warm when the air is cooler. It is made of small air bubbles, like bubble wrapping for shipping. 

          manual pool solar cover

          There are so many options to choose from for designing your perfect pool. The size and features are all up to you! You can get a small pool, a larger pool, or one that is half-pool, half-jacuzzi. There are some amazing features that you can get, such as an infinity pool, which is perfect for someone athletic to get an excellent workout. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, after all.

          branded custom logo print stickers pool bottom

          8.5 More features of a shipping container pool:

          • Underwater sound system for the performer to hear their dance music
          • Light to see underwater during nighttime swimming, including fun coloured lights controlled by your smart device
          • Add a camera (GoPro) camera holder in the pool for recording underwater routines or making fun videos
          • Splash deck of 5-7 feet
          • Name printed at the bottom and on the container exterior
          • The curtain of bubbles underwater
          • Saltwater available for a more comfortable swim without chemicals that burn your eyes
          • Can get just a hot tub for relaxing nights
          • UV sanitizers to ensure a clean pool
          • Can be installed partially inground
          • Gas or electric heating
            Shipping container pool construction

            9. Easy transport and set up

            You don’t need weeks of construction to install a shipping container pool. It comes completely turnkey and can easily be transported and is simply placed in its location by crane. Then you just fill it with water and you’re good to go!

            We makes the process easy for you by working with local contractors on installation procedures and any work that may need to be done in preparation. They recommend a gravel area or concrete slab to place the pool on top of.

            Shipping container intallation

            10. Can a shipping container pool be buried?

            Here’s what the company says in regard to turning a container pool into an in-ground pool:

            “It is designed to be an above-ground pool, but it can partially be in-ground (cut and fill) if the site is sloped. A retaining wall or an exterior wall would need to be built around the pool, however, to prevent contact with soil.

            11. How big are shipping container pools?

            Shipping container pools come in a range of sizes. You can choose if you want a bigger or smaller one, depending on the space you have and who will be swimming in it. For little kids you may not feel the need for a larger pool. 

            Whatever the size, they are all small enough to fit in most locations and not take up too much space, but also big enough for swimming and having fun. They are also deeper than most pools. Standard container pool sizes are 8 feet wide by 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet or 45 feet long.

            20 feet shipping container pool

            12. Are shipping container pools portable?

            Unlike an inground swimming pool, these pools can go where you go. You don’t have to abandon the luxury of swimming just because you move. It can be transported anywhere you relocate too. Our shipping container is being built specifically for traveling on a trailer for mermaid shows, such as the North American Mermaid Championship

            Shipping container pool crane transport truck

            13. Are shipping container pools safe?

            There are many safety features available for shipping container pools. Because the pool is above ground, you don’t have to worry about children falling in. There is a staircase that leads to the pool which you have to go through a door to get to. You can lock the door so kids can’t get in unless you are there to supervise. There are also safety rails available. Another feature that can keep kids safe is the window option, so you can see the kids in the water and will be able to spot if one of them begins to have difficulty staying above water. Here is a breakdown of the safety features available:

            • Handle or small bench for mermaids to rest when they don’t touch the bottom of the pool. 
            • Electric Child Safety Cover for $10,000. Cover the pool with a thick tarp at the press of a button. It is sturdy enough to walk across.
            • Manual Child Safety Cover for $7,000. You can turn a handle to roll the cover across the pool

            Railings for the pool deck are available. It is an above-ground pool railing around the deck to make sure nobody falls off the edge.

              pool safety cover for kids

              14. Are shipping container pools eco friendly?

              Companies are recycling shipping containers by turning them into pools and tiny houses. This is great news for the environment!

              15. Are shipping container pools durable?

              Shipping containers are made out of very sturdy materials, such as corrugated steel, and are resistant to damage. Inside the container is a durable vinyl liner, thicker than that of an above ground pool liner. They are given an anti-rust solution to ensure the pool will stay in good condition for a long time.

              Giant aquarium show tank container pool

              16. How long do shipping containers last?

              A shipping container can last up to about 25 years. An average above ground pool usually lasts between 10-20 years, including some replacements, but a shipping container pool is even sturdier. It likely will last up to 20 years. Linings of above ground pools need to be replaced eventually, but since the lining is thicker for a shipping container pool it will likely last longer.

              17. Do shipping containers rust?

              Shipping container pools are coated with an anti-rust solution to waterproof the inner walls, also preventing rust from building up.

              Mermaid championship giant aquarium

              18. A Perfect pool for a Mermaid Championship

              All of these are reasons why we will be using a shipping container pool for the North American Mermaid Championship. Men and women of at least 16 years of age are invited to perform a three minute routine at the championship. If you want to be a part of the North American Mermaid Championship, sign up here.

              19. Aquamermaid Pool Design 

              They will manufacture and design a customized shipping container pool for Aquamermaid’s needs. It will be a 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet high shipping container pool with surround windows (aka Fishbowl effect) including a turnkey mechanical room.
              In Aquamermaid’s case the pool will be used for swimming competitions where mermaids will perform aquatic dance routines underwater.
              Through the large windows, mermaids will showcase their swimming skills, performing underwater dance routines. It will be a unique and magical show, showcasing high level athletes and performances.
              Here is a list of features for our dream pool design:
              We will update this post when the pool is built.
              • Multiple windows that will open up the pool to see right through from all angles
              • The maximum depth available for shipping container pools between 8 feet to 9 feet deep
              • Deck for the swimmer to sit on
              • Underwater sound system for the performer to hear their dance music
              • Light to use at night
              • Camera holder in the pool
              • Name printed at the bottom & on the container exterior
              • Curtain of bubbles underwater
              • Movie screen/projector to show the result of the competition
              • Child cover for the pool for nobody to fall in.
              • Railings for pool deck
              • Handle or small bench for mermaids to rest when they don’t touch the bottom of the pool
              • 4 floor drains to empty the pool. The pool can also be drained by using sump pumps for a quicker drain  
              • Chlorine system with a UV Sanitation Filter that will filter the chlorine from the water so it does not harm mermaids or make the smell like chlorine
              • Heating system
              • Manual pool cover   

               shipping container pool

              If you are interested in learning more about the process of designing, ordering, installing, and testing out a shipping container pool, be sure to follow our video series where we will be teaching you all about shipping container pools.

              So, if you find yourself thinking about getting a pool, consider a shipping container pool ! They’re affordable, convenient, interesting, and they are mermaid approved! You can order one by calling or emailing us. Be sure to get an estimate and think about all the features you want to include. 

              We hope you found this article useful in helping you decide about getting a shipping container pool. We think this is a great company and are excited to now be partners.Be sure to check out our video series on this subject.

              For more information contact: or 1-866-279-2767

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