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ARTISTIC IMPRESSION – From the Standpoint of Perfection - 10


The creative skill of composing a routine that combines artistic and technical elements. The design and weaving together of variety and creativity of all movements.

Music Interpretation

Expressing the mood of the music. Use of the music’s structure.

Manner of Presentation

The manner in which the swimmer present the routine to the viewers. The total command of the performance of the routine.

Extremely captivating, creative and innovative. Whole routine is memorable.
Perfectly cohesive and balanced structure. Extensive variety of hybrids, strokes and highlights.

All areas of aquarium are covered and the choreography is designed to showcase the creative movements.

Elements of surprise and uniqueness with use of music.
Totally at one with the music.
Movements used obviously require this particular music throughout.

Swimmers express both obvious and subtle qualities of the music and take advantage of all the musical elements to achieve an emotional impact.Leaves a lasting impression with this piece of music.

Total command, compelling attention.
The viewers and judges can’t take their eyes off the routine.
More of an experience than just a routine. Projects personality and involves all viewers. Charismatic. Completely poised & confident. Each performance appears fresh.
Total body used for expression.


The following 10 figures must be performed within your routine in the exact order listed below.

Each figure must be done in one breath to get the maximum points.

Always refer to the text description in priority to the video demonstration

Download the official rules: Judge book


1. Swim 2 laps - Sideways 

Controlled speed

Controlled buoyancy: Constant height for the full lap

Fluidity of the movement: nice, flowy, full body wave, pointed feet, body extension, no knees kicking.

Horizontal body position, Full Body should face the side window.

12 meters total

2. Figure 8  

  • SPACE: Use the full space of the tank
  • 2 entrances in the water (backward dolphin entrance)
  • SHAPE: Create a clear and even figure 8 shape
  • Fluidity: constant speed for the full figure. No pause


3. Swirl / Tornado  

Body extension psoas, knees toward the back

Controlled buoyancy

Fluidity / speed

4. Swim 2 laps - Front

Controlled speed

Controlled buoyancy: Constant height for the full lap

Fluidity of the movement: nice full body flowy wave, pointed feet, body extension, no knees kicking.

Horizontal body position, Face of the body should point toward the floor.

• 12 meters total

5. Vertical Spin

Vertical body position, Head must be aligned with the body. (not looking down)

Minimum of a 360 degree rotation on yourself

Body position. Upside down. Straight and flat back

6. Upper body movement sequence

Duration of the sequence must be between 10-15 seconds

Position in the tank should be static

Arm movement, dance combination should be fluid, constant

Include movement of your hands, arms, shoulders and head

7. Double backflip

• The backflips are circular shaped

• Big circles with the arms.

• Constant speed and depth


8. Swim 2 laps - Back

Controlled speed

Controlled buoyancy: Constant height for the full lap

Fluidity of the movement: nice full body flowy wave, pointed feet, body extension, no excessive bend at the knees.

Horizontal body position, facing the surface.

• 12 meters total

9. Barrel Roll

• Eyes should look at one fix point during rotation. Eye contact looking forward.

Horizontal body position

• Body should not move forward or backward during the movement.

• Slow and smooth rotation with graceful arm. The slowest and controlled movement is the best


10. Zigzag swim (3 waves at maximum amplitude)

• Swim from the surface to the bottom and back up 3 times in a giant wave motion.

Create a nice and even wave shape, S curve

Use the full space of the tank

• Do not touch the floor of the tank

IMPORTANT: No fluke slapping : We cannot have any feet or heads exiting the water. The supports over the tank are steel, and can do some very serious damage if hit. The full movement should stay under the water.


• Routine duration must be 3 minutes or less.

• Routine music must be royalty free.

• Respect of time in the tank: Maximum 5 minutes in the tank per participant (3 minutes for the routine), 1 minute to get in, 1 minute to get out.

• No swimming accessories: nose clip, goggles, diving mask etc. Any special props for your performance must be approved by management before your routine. *No weights allowed unless you can provided a diving performers certification (NAUI, PADI, SSI) before May 15 for credential verification. Weight belts MUST be external and MUST be discussed with the NAUI professional who is the spotter in the tank prior to use. *No contact lenses are allowed in the tank unless you wear google to protect them from falling in the water.

• Keep the Aquarium clean: Do not leave pieces of costume in the water (example: sequins, glitter, beads, fabric, jewelry...)

• Respect for the competition: Judges, staff, volunteers, spectators and other competitors.

Schedule of the Competition

Registration : 7:30 - 8:00 AM

Athlète safety tank training: 8:00-8:45AM

Greetings, Instruction for the day, Judges introduction: 9-9:15AM

Competition Part 1: 9:15AM-12:00PM

Lunch Break: 12:00-1:00PM

Competition Part 2: 1:00-5:00PM

Closing Ceremony: 5-5:30PM


Music Selection:

Music for routine must royalty free music.

• Email your music selection to

• Title of the email: MUSIC: Participant Full Name, Province/State and City representing

Makeup recommendation:

  • Minimal waterproof makeup is allowed

  • Avoid heavy makeup and NO GLITTER to reduce water pollution (and avoid a penalty)